Landmannalaugar by 4×4


The central highlands of Iceland feel like a different planet. Forged by volcanic eruptions and huge geological changes even the stone looks surreal, with multicoloured mountains of rhyolite. Along side these rainbow peaks are geysirs and a gorgeous, natural hot pool to bathe in.

This trip starts in Reykjavík and the first 150 km take us through idyllic Icelandic farmland. But from there it starts to get more interesting. Our journey takes us through a desert like volcanic landscape for more than 30km before we reach Landmannalaugar. Powerful geysers and glacial streams all add to the unique beauty of this fascinating place.

Crossing rivers and driving on coarse gravel roads on our way to Landmannalaugar will give us an experience to remember. We will make a stop at Crater Lake Ljótipollur, formed in 1477 and now filled with a cobalt-blue deep lake. We also stop at lake Frostastaðavatn, before we reach our main destination.

We will stop for 2-3 hours in Landmannalaugar and take a beautiful hike. After about an hour’s hike we can unwind in a natural pool or explore the territory on our own before we head back.

On our way back we will take the Dómadalur route that takes us through lava fields and between high mountains, there are lots of rivers we have to ford and we will see some magnificient waterfalls.

Little Extra Touch – We will add some local touch and different places to visit depending on time, weather and mood.

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