Where is Iceland?

No. Really. Where is Iceland is one of the most commonly Googled questions about us. We applaud your inquisitive nature.

The short answer is that it’s in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. If you set out from London, UK and went North North West (about 11o’clock if straight North is 12) and travelled for 1816 km (1128 miles) you would find us! Or if you were coming from Quebec, Canada it is 3673km (2282 miles).

where is Iceland?
There we are!

We are the youngest country in Europe to be made, physically! Iceland sits on the Mid – Atlantic Ridge, that’d between two tectonic plates. Over millennia volcanoes have spewed out so much molten rock that Iceland grew to the land we know today. It is still growing, by about 2.5cm a year which is extremely fast, geologically speaking. If you want to see evidence of that go on our Golden Circle Tour, it stops at Thingvellir where you can see the great stretchmarks as the land is little pulled apart! Iceland is the only place where you can dive between tectonic plates – in crystal clear glacial water no less.

Glacier Lagoon

The geological activity that formed the island is still bubbling away underneath, so we frequently have earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, but we also have huge glaciers. 11% of our land is covered by them! Because of this contrast we are known as the land of fire and ice.

If you want to be more specific as to ‘where is Iceland?’ then our longitude and latitude are 64.9631° N, 19.0208° W, and our five closest neighbours are;

  • Greenland.
  • Faroe Islands.
  • Norway.
  • Sweden.
  • Scotland.

But as we used to be colonised by Denmark we have a strong connection with them too, kids have to learn Danish at school even.

Now you know where is Iceland come and visit us!

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