Snorkelling between Continents; What you need to know.

So you have decided as part of your relaxing holiday in Iceland to swim between tectonic plates in glacial waters. Well. It's a once in a lifetime activity that you will always remember. Crystal clear waters, incredible rock formations, and really, really cold water. We are talking 3°C or 37°F...

Discover the Best, Most Remote Swimming Pools in Iceland.

When you've been out exploring all day and are chilled to the marrow, then it's time to hunt out your local Sundlaug, and jump in to a hot pot. They are every where, cheap to get into (about 500kr if you buy a card), and a huge part of our...

Our 5 favourite Icelandic Christmas foods, and 1 you must try…but please do it really, really far from us!

Gleðileg jól! Happy Christmas from Iceland! With only about four hours of daylight in midwinter we can't spend our time hiking up mountains like we love so much, and instead we shut the doors and stay warm inside, making and eating our favourite Icelandic Christmas foods together.

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