Planning to witness the Northern Lights in Iceland? Our comprehensive guide provides you with all the information you need to make the most of your experience, including the best time and locations to see the Aurora Borealis, tips for capturing stunning photos, and more.

It comes as a surprise to many but the beer was illegal in Iceland until 1989! Since then Icelanders celebrate beer day, the day it was made legal by drinking a lot of it. If you are in Iceland on March 1st be sure to make the most of the Beer day parties and special offers!

Choosing what to pack for Iceland’s weather can be a struggle, it changes every few minutes. Wake up to glorious sunshine, have a hailstorm on your walk to the bus stop, but by the time your bus arrives it’s a dry, if very windy morning. And that’s just in Reykjavik!

Konudagur is celebrated on the first day or the nearest Sunday, of the month of Góa, a month in the traditional Icelandic calendar. Góa is the second to last of the winter months, the days are starting to be visibly longer, summer is coming!

Choux pastry, the type used to make profiteroles, is made into little balls, sliced through the middle, filled with cream and jam and then topped with chocolate. At least that is the classic, now there are many many varieties. However you have your buns you can guarantee that you will make a mess, but it will be entirely worth it!